Shar Shamai is a singing teacher and Musical Theatre creative.


He completed his second MA degree in music - MA Musical Theatre, at The Guildford School of Acting (GSA) after graduating with an MA in Classical Singing at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance and he is fascinated by the human voice.


As well as being the co-founder and writer/composer of The JEWish Cabaret, Shar teaches at several musical theatre academies including ICMT (London) Urdang academy (London) and PPA (Guildford) and is regularly invited to teach in Israel and The Netherlands as well as locally.

Shar constantly keeps learning and understanding of the fascinating field that is the human voice.

"The JEWish Cabaret" - a group of British and Israeli performers who draw on the Jewish tradition. since then, they have produced six shows, including an original Musical both in London and internationally.

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